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We believe solar power plays an important role in contributing to a clean energy future in America, and you might be surprised by how affordable it is to join the movement today. Read below to view all the ways to support solar.


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SolarSPARC Electricity

Sign up for our new SolarSPARC product, made from 100% solar energy in the U.S., and put the sun to work by helping build new solar installations. Green Mountain will contribute $4 each month you're on this product to build new solar projects right here in Texas. Plus, you'll get an annual solar bill credit that grows over time based on the new projects you help fund. The more people who join you, the more new solar we'll build. Learn more

Residential Solar Installations

Installing a solar array on your home or property can reduce your electricity bills, help protect you against future increases in energy costs and increase your home's resale value – and it's never been easier! Request more information today. Learn more

Renewable Rewards® Buy-Back Program

Green Mountain customers with photovoltaic solar systems already installed on their homes in Texas can receive credit for any excess energy they send to the electricity grid.

Plus, the Renewable Rewards electricity product is made from 100% wind, which means you are helping to further reduce your household's carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Learn more

Pollution Free Gold

Add a little sunshine to your monthly electricity bill by signing up for our Pollution Free Gold electricity product, which is made from 100% renewable sources - at least 5% solar and up to 95% wind. We'll even make a $2.50 monthly contribution to the Sun Club® to fund solar donations to non-profits. Learn more


Our Texas customers can become a member of the Sun Club as part of any product we offer by adding $5 to your monthly electricity bill. Learn more