The Nest Thermostat works in most homes, but make sure it's compatible with your heating and cooling system at Meet the Nest Learning Thermostat
Receive a $249 Nest Learning Thermostat at no charge to start saving energy*
  • Remembers the temperatures you like and programs itself.
  • Adjusts itself to save you energy when you're away.
  • Shows you a Nest Leaf when you're at an energy efficient temperature.
  • Tracks when heating or cooling was on for the last 10 days in Energy History
  • Connects to Wi-Fi so you can change the temperature from your laptop, smartphone or tablet.
  • Easy to install! Three out of four people install themselves 30 minutes or less. Or, sit back and relax - a Nest Certified Professional in your area can take care of installation for you.

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Make a positive impact on the environment

100% clean, renewable
wind energy
Carbon offsets will be added to your Nest shipment to reduce its carbon impact
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pollution free efficient with nest
per kWh
1,900 trees can absord in 1 year
miles not driven
12,600 lbs newspapers recycled
Environmental Impact/Year
By purchasing this product for one year, a household using an average of 999 kWh per month can offset almost 888 lbs of CO2. That's as much as...
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*Enrollment in Pollution Free Efficient with Nest is limited and provides one Nest Learning Thermostat per household. Thermostat quantities are limited. You must have a residential Texas, New York, Illinois or Pennsylvania service address to enroll in this plan.

Thermostat not compatible with all HVAC systems. We recommend that you check the compatibility of your system online at before enrolling in this plan. If thermostat is not compatible, you may cancel this plan with no penalty as long as you notify Green Mountain within 90 days and return the Nest Thermostat in good condition.

A limited warranty is only provided by Nest, and except for that limited warranty, Green Mountain and Nest make no warranties. Green Mountain is not affiliated with Nest or the products and services it markets. View details of the Nest limited warranty at

**Green Mountain View email available to Texas customers with a smart meter.

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