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Employee Sustainability Programs

At Green Mountain, we’re committed to the environment inside & out. That means we get up every day thinking about how to help our customers reduce their environmental impact, and trying to reduce our own impact at work and at home while we’re at it. Here’s your chance to let your true (green) colors shine!


Sustainable Me is our overarching employee sustainability program and provides options for employees to take their eco-lifestyle to the next level:


Sustainable Me AT HOME

We offer employees options for powering their homes with renewable energy through onsite solar and an employee electricity product, as well as the ability to offset their carbon footprints.


Sustainable Me COMMUTER

Employees can earn points—and a chance to win gift cards and cash incentives—for carpooling, biking, or using another qualified low-emissions travel option for getting to work.


Sustainable Me FUNDRAISER

We match employee donations to environmental non-profits and the Green Mountain EnergyTM Sun ClubTM.


Sustainable Me AT WORK

Our all-volunteer employee sustainability team organizes environmental events and helps develop and update environmental standards and programs around the office. This team is responsible for expanding the recycling & composting program in our Austin office as well as developing environmentally preferable printing standards, including using soy-based inks on paper made with at least 30% post-consumer fiber and benign whitening products.


Sustainable Me LOCAVORE

We offer farm delivery programs for employees to receive farm-fresh produce and other food items delivered weekly to participating offices.


Sustainable Me AT PLAY

We look for opportunities for employees to get together outside of work to share our love for the environment. For example, employees in some locations can take advantage of discounted membership in outdoor recreation programs, and we regularly hold volunteer events like street clean-ups and tree planting.